What to Look for when Buying a Gaming Laptop


PC gaming desktops undoubtedly are just awesome. Unfortunately, they aren’t portable and in case you are planning to travel, definitely, they will disappoint. Luckily, gaming laptops are here. They come in different prices, shapes, and configurations.

However, shopping for the best gaming laptop that suits your needs can be overwhelming, especially if you have not done any research. But worry not, we are here to help you.

Therefore, before getting into the shop, make sure you know all the important features to look for in a gaming laptop. The important ones are highlighted below.

Graphics Card

The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) commonly known as the graphics card is an important part of any gaming laptop. It is responsible for generating clear and beautiful graphics and other details like particles and textures. There is an integrated graphics card for lower end laptops but for a serious gamer, better go for the dedicated graphics card.

With a dedicated graphics card, you have a higher performance thanks to the VRAM (memory).

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

Most of the games these days are multiple players and they do have several things that take place at once. For this reason, the newer games tend to demand quite a lot on your processor.

The battle is simply between Intel and AMD. Both have their pros and cons and at the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference. Pay attention to the processing speed and the number of cores when selecting a processor.

RAM (Memory)

In order to avoid any problems with your games, aim for higher RAM-at least 8GB, but preferably 32 GB for serious gaming. The memory is simply where the game’s file and settings are stored for access by the CPU.

The Hard Drive Space

It is certain that when you have decided to go for a gaming laptop, you are not going to have just one game in it. Definitely, you’ll have a lot of them, right? That is the problem. Be aware then that your laptop should have enough storage.

In case you also like storing pictures and videos, then you’ll think of investing in a hard drive that is at least 750GB to 1TB+. Solid state drives (SSD) are a bit expensive but if you manage to get a small one to use it for the Operating System, then go for it. It will make the whole system even faster.

Size and Resolution of the Screen

Every gamer will want to play on a big screen. However, a big screen comes with a higher cost as well as faster battery drain. Preferably a 15” screen isn’t bad.

As for resolution, you can get a good gameplay experience with a 1080p (Full HD) resolution. Considering your budget, you can as well go for the latest 2k or 4k resolutions.

Portability and Battery Life

Not only for gaming laptops but generally battery life and portability are very important. Gaming will result in a faster use of the battery’s charge hence you should gauge how long you will want it to last depending on how you play. You can also invest in a portable laptop charger to recharge your laptop especially when you are on the go. Here are the best portable laptop chargers (power banks)

You won’t like carrying a heavy laptop all day either, would you? So choose wisely what exactly suits you.


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