What to Consider When Choosing an Office Printer


It could be great if you have an office that is paperless, couldn’t it?

Sadly though, some occasions require that you print some documents like those required by law. Therefore, you will need a printer so as to perform these kind of operations. Most businesses look at printers as being the same, but they are not.

If you choose your printer wrongly, it can lead to not only frustration but also unneeded expenses as well as hampered productivity.

However, in this article we have made it very easy for you to choose an office printer that best suits your needs. Below are key features to think about before you purchase.

Know the Extent Your Printer Will Be in Use

In order to make the correct choice, know how much it will be used. Will it be printing invoices only at end month? Will it be printing several letters a day? Or whether it will be used by various individuals or simply in just one department?

Laser or Inkjet

There may be no big difference but then think of the kind of ink to use first. If it will be mainly printing letters and other documents, then the best choice will be a laser printer. If it will be printing pictures and photos, then go for the inkjet.

The Budget

This will have to be one of the important factors to consider when choosing a printer for your office. Having a budget will help you not be carried away with the bells and whistles of a printer. After all, it will be of no use spending more on features that you’ll never need.

Image Quality

Will it need to print high-quality images that show exact drafts of work? Or will it be just printing text? Be sure of the quality required before purchasing to avoid buying a printer lesser in quality when the images required are of high quality.

Print Speed

Undoubtedly, if a large volume of paper will be printed, you won’t need a printer with less speed. A faster printer will be needed for larger volumes of prints.

Office Size

Depending on the size of the office choose a printer that fits well. If it is small, consider a portable printer and in case there is extra space and the print quality needed requires a huge printer, go for a bigger one.

Running Costs of the Printer

Printer running costs sometimes can be high. You may choose a cheap printer fitting your bill only to find out that toner or inkjet cartridges are expensive almost like the printer itself. It would be cost-effective to purchase an expensive printer with lower running costs and cheaper cartridges.

Brand and Preferences

In mind, you might have gone through several previews and preferred a certain printer brand. At the same time, you might have specific requirements that your printer will meet like being wireless or should operate with a particular operating system. Simply, working out on what you need helps to choose the best office printer.

After considering all these tips, make sure the printer has a manufacturer’s warranty.

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