Ways in Which Technology has Changed Education


Technology has simply maneuvered its way into several (if not all) aspects of each individual’s life. Everyone has become accustomed to technology’s use without even being aware of how easy just everything has become.
However, some will argue that technology has actually done much destruction than good. Nevertheless, one facet has improved significantly just because of the influence of technology. Education has just been transformed.

Information is at the fingertips and learning is limitless. Long gone are the days of struggling through an Encyclopedia. This article discusses the ways in which technology has improved education today.

Online Resources

Your education needs may be so many, but there is nothing to worry as the internet provides all the guidance. There is a wide range of resources that you can choose from. Be it be studying topics, requiring free courses, custom essay help just to name them, by a simple search you will definitely find help.

People no longer scramble for a single book to finish up their homework. A quick access to the internet and get what they want. In general, it has made it possible to compare research results with other researchers worldwide and hence led to advanced research.

Multimedia Learning

Time and again it has been said that people learn differently. Some learn better virtually, while others get auditory best. Technology has enabled teachers to adjust their techniques of teaching. Other than strictly lecturing and projecting the notes, they are using multimedia to better their lessons.

Multimedia learning includes auditory, visual and kinesthetic focusing on the text, narration, illustration, and animation.


Learning has had a lot of benefits from EBooks. With just your eBook reader, you can now study wherever, whenever. You don’t need to carry a load of books around, just download them (in fact with a discount than the printed books).
This has made education and reading more fun for most students.

Worldwide Tutoring

No shame if you seek a tutor. Yes, the amount of information available online is unlimited, but also the extent of available minds is equally unlimited. Thanks to globalization and technology, you can get help instantly from anywhere in the globe. As well it is now possible to attend lessons with some native speaker in a different country via video conferencing.

The Examination has Gone Online

People are now taking online courses as well as sitting for their examinations online. Everything is just happening in real time. Teachers record the student scores and grade them at great convenience.
Thanks to technology that different students are ranking easily from various schools. Perhaps, taking general examinations online is just gaining momentum and becoming even more common.


Technology has given a chance to students with various impairments to study in one class with their peers, thanks to excellent assistive EdTech examples. These assistive devices also help in personality upbringing.

Study Groups

Many will prefer studying alone, but when given a group project and can’t be able to meet in a physical location, technology has enabled video chat. Sharing and collaboration of materials have been made easier.

As far as it stands, technology is here to stay. Best we embrace it rather than opposing it especially on education.

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