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Imagine this situation; you have gathered your mates for one last photo before breaking for the holidays. Everyone is smiling ready for the snap, but once you tap your iPhone’s screen…boom! “Cannot take a photo – there is not enough available storage to take a photo.” This situation is not only embarrassing, to say the least, but also frustrating. To avoid such scenarios in future, investing in the best iPhone or iPad flash drive is essential.

An iPhone or iPad flash drive works in a similar way to an external hard disk. In comparison to the iTunes backup, these gadgets are simple to use- all you have to do is just hook up your flash drive to your iPhone and transfer stuff with only a few taps.

There is a variety of iPad or iPhone flash drive to choose from in the market. However, picking the best from the lot can be a little bit challenging. This is where we come in, to give you pro tips and recommendations that will guide you in choosing the best iPhone flash drive.

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Best iPhone and iPad Flash Drives 2019

BrandKey FeaturesCapacity 
OMARS Meteorite USB 3.0 , Lightning connector, Apple MFI Certified, Plug and play32GBCheck Pricing
Silicon Power Dual Interface USB 3.1, Apple MFI Certified, Exclusive File Management App, Extended Connector, Plug and play64GBCheck Pricing
OLALA iDisk USB 3.0, Lightning Connector, Removable, Storage Device and Charging Cable64GBCheck Pricing
HooTooUSB 3.0, Apple MFI Certified, Free iPlugmate app, Lightning Connector Base, Premium aluminum build, Instant plug-and-play storage64GBCheck Pricing
RAVPower RP-IM005USB 3.0, Free iPlugmate app64GBCheck Pricing
ZeroLemon iMemStickUSB 3.0, Apple MFI Certified, 2-in-1 Transfer+Charging, Free iMemStick 3.0 app64GBCheck Pricing
iCleverApple MFI Certified, Friendly BoostStoage APP, Lengthened MFI Lightning Connector, Open TouchID and Password64GBCheck Pricing
SanDisk iXpandApple MFI Certified64GBCheck Pricing
iDiskkUSB 3.0, iDiskk Pro App camera to take photos/video, Plug and play128GBCheck Pricing
Gigastone MAX OTGUSB 3.0, Touch ID Allows You to Secure Access to the app, Social Media Backup & Full Access to your Dropbox, Google Drive, and Cloud Drive accounts.128GBCheck Pricing

Best iPhone and iPad Flash Drive Reviews

1. OMARS Meteorite Lightning Flash Drive USB 3.0 32GB (Apple MFI Certified)

OMARS Meteorite Lightning Flash Drive USB 3.0 32GB (Apple MFI Certified)

Albeit it’s rugged build and looks the OMARS Lightning memory stick is simple and easy to use. It comes with enough storage capacity to store all your files and access them on the fly via your iPhone or iPad. Below are its features.


  • 32GB storage capacity with USB 3.0 and Lightning connector – allows you to free up space from your Apple device without the need of iCloud or a cable. DISCLAIMER: Due to Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection, you can’t transfer video files or music files downloaded by third-party applications onto the memory stick.
  • Excellent Delivery Performance – the transfer of files is made more comfortable while on the go. You are able to move a 3GB high definition video or pictures in less than sixty seconds.
  • Anti-lost Cap Design – creatively keeps you from forgetting the caps of your memory stick any more. When you detach one cap, it is easily attached to the other one to prevent loss.
  • Just plug and play – document reader for all known file formats. Control all your data instantly on IOS-Device. Direct playback of the music/videos available on the flash drive. Your contact list is backed up and restored at the click of an icon.
  • Quality Assured by FCC, CE, and MFI (included in each lightning connector is a small authentication marker that confirms your device is Apple MFI Certified. This is necessary because the use of uncertified connectors can be hazardous to your gadget, cause overheating problems, cause damage, or even render your device dead). The flash drive comes with a 1-year stress-free warranty and dedicated email customer care.

2. Silicon Power USB 3.1 64GB Dual Interface Flash Drive (Apple MFI Certified)

Silicon Power USB 3.1 64GB Dual Interface Flash Drive (Apple MFi Certified)

Don’t let the plain design fool you, because this device comes packed up and ready to serve your storage needs hassle-free. Equipped with a USB 3.1 connector, you are sure to notice an increase in transfer speed from your conventional USB 3.0 connectors. Here is a list of more features.


  • Plug & Play – designed for quick and easy storage expansion to your iPads/iPhones.
  • Closed File Management Application – comfortably backup files from your iPad/iPhone to the z50 memory stick. (Transfer of videos, pictures, and files saved in iCloud)
  • Various Media Support – allows easy file sharing between iPads and iPhones and any USB supporting computers.
  • Extended connector to make the user experience more friendly and you won’t worry about having to take off your device’s protective case.
  • Anti-Cap Lost and Tough Design helps protect the connector from damage or dust from everyday use.

3. OLALA iDisk USB 3.0 64GB Lightning Flash Drive (Apple MFI Certified)

OLALA iDisk USB 3.0 64GB Lightning Flash Drive (Apple MFI Certified)

The simple design and its colorful feature can blind you from the various capabilities offered by this flash drive. Have a look at its features below.


  • Lightning Connector & Apple MFI Certified – Create space on your iPad/iPhone for videos, pictures, songs, and other files. Quickly move data between iPhone, iPod, iPad, computers, and tablets.
  • Lightning Transfer Speed & Execution – The USB 3.0 has a read speed of 32 to 100MBps and write speed of 8-30MBps. The lightning read speed is 15-25MBps, and write speed is 3-8MBps.
  • Dual Functionality – This device serves as both a charging cable and portable storage device. The USB device measures 6 inches long and can serve as your charging cord in case you forgot a charger.
  • The plug and play feature eliminate the need to install any software for the drive to operate. Plug it into your USB port and its ready for use. (Compatible with Mac OS and Microsoft Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10.
  • High Quality and Appealing – The devices come in different attractive colors courtesy of the high-quality foldable silicone with an iDisk memory cable that features a 1-year warranty.

4. HooToo iPhone iPad Flash Drive 64GB USB 3.0 (Apple MFI Certified)

HooToo iPhone iPad Flash Drive 64GB USB 3.0 (Apple MFI Certified)

The durable premium design and large file transfer capability make this flash drive worth listing. Other highlights include the below:


  • Super speed transfers with ACTIVATED exFAT, enables the move of single files larger than 4GB. Copy/move files to and from your workstation to a USB drive. USB port transfer rate is 80MBps reading, and 30MBps writing speed. Lightning port speed: 30MBps reading, and 10MBps writing speed.
  • An adapted lightning connector port: with a legitimate Apple MFI certification, 100% compatible with lightning iPad/iPhone. The extra extension makes the drive easy to use without removing your iPad/iPhone cover.
  • User-friendly streaming app – The app iPlugmate supports all major music and video formats — Saves you time and storage space by allowing direct stream from the flash drive.
  • Instant plug and play storage: Allows you to extend external storage space up to 128 GB. Creates more storage space for you to enjoy longer films, take more pictures, and run more data. DISCLAIMER: videos and iTunes music CANNOT isn’t transferable due to DRM protection. DOESN’T support iOS 11 beta.
  • Easy to carry with a premium aluminum design: Enjoy superior and durable protection with its full aluminum alloy make. Weighs 0.25 Ounces and is smaller than your regular house key. Convenient with a ring extension to allow keychain attaching. One year six months warranty to keep you stress-free.

5. RAVPower RP-IM005 USB 3.0 64GB (Apple MFI Certified)

RAVPower RP-IM005 USB 3.0 64GB (Apple MFI Certified)

The flash drive comes in a dull holding box with a band feature to help tie up the ends of your device and avoid having it hanging.


  • Quick Charge & File Transfer: AUTHORIZED exFAT, allows you to transfer single files exceeding 4GB. Fast file transfer between an iOS gadget and the RAVPower iPad/iPhone Flash Drive. Easy switch to charging cable for your iOS devices. USB 3.0 connector with up to 30MBps writing and 80 MBps reading speed.
  • iPlugmate APP – a user-friendly streaming app that allows direct streaming from the flash drive to your iPad/iPhone. Save music and movie files straight to the flash drive.
  • Compatibility: MFI verified for full compatibility with iOS devices. Easily connects to your device without removing the iPhone/iPad cover.
  • Up to 64GB of extra storage-saving media files to the RAVPower iPad/iPhone flash disk creates more room on internal storage.
  • Extra features – Back up and restore contacts to another iPhone, share documents to the 3rd party. Touch ID and password protection.
  • One year six months of warranty.

PLEASE NOTE: Transfer of DRM protected media files prohibits such file transfers. iOS 11beta currently not supported.

6. ZeroLemon iMemStick USB 3.0 Lightning Flash Drive 64GB (Apple MFI Certified)

ZeroLemon iMemStick USB 3.0 Lightning Flash Drive 64GB (Apple MFI Certified)

From the look of it, you can comfortably tell that the iMemStick USB 3.0 flash drive is easy and straightforward to use. Check out more features below.


  • Charging + Data Transfer – Use as a charging cord when connecting to a power bank or charger — quick and easy file transfers between PCs and iOS devices while on the move.
  • Instant Extra Storage: creates adequate storage space on your iOS device with up to 64 GB storage capacity.
  • Superspeed transfer rate: move/copy media files from your workstation at up to 65MBps writing and 100MBps reading speed. For iOS lightning devices, the rates are 25MBps and 30 MBps; Transfer 4GB worth of data in less than sixty seconds.
  • iMemStick 3.0 APP: The user-friendly application automatically pops up when the ZeroLemon iMemStick USB 3.0 is connected. Browse files like images, word documents, PPTs, videos, and other data files. Easy back up and restore of your contact.
  • Full compatibility (Apple MFI Certified) – Fully compatible with the newest iOS version along with windows P/7/8/10/Mac OS. Works on iPhone 7 models, iPhone 6 models, iPhone 5 model, iPad models, and iPod touch.

7. iClever 64G USB 3.0 Flash Drive (Apple MFI Certified)

iClever 64G USB 3.0 Flash Drive (Apple MFI Certified)

The item arrives in a lustrous satin box, with enameled gold lettering on the case. Apart from the engraved company logo, this drive is equipped to fulfill your storage needs.


  • Elongated MFI Lightning connector: MFI guaranteed Apple lightning connector 100% compatible with lightning insert iPad/iPhone. Elongated connector eases the connection in bulky phone covers.
  • More Space, More Files: Immediately 64GB external storage allow you to shoot longer clips and more pictures without stressing about filled up phone memory.
  • Easy to use – Favorable BoostStoage app supports all major music and visual formats, allows you to enjoy videos and games straight from the flash drive.
  • Durable & Easy to Carry – Smooth premium aluminum design to protect the drive from scratches and damages. The compact key-size body makes it comfortably portable.
  • Back up and Security – Protect your data safely through security settings in Touch ID and Password. Back up and restore contacts to a different iPhone anytime.

8. SanDisk iXpand 64GB Flash Drive for iPhone and iPad (Apple MFI Certified)

SanDisk iXpand 64GB Flash Drive for iPhone and iPad (Apple MFI Certified)

The SanDisk iXpand drive arrives in a pneumatically closed package to keep the drive extra safe. On the back of the box, there are brief instructions that outline how to operate the drive.


  • Back up your contact list automatically
  • Stream popular films on your iPad/iPhone
  • Built with a flexible connector to easily fit most iPhone/iPad covers.
  • Automatically back up photos and videos from your gallery.
  • Create space on your iOS device by transferring videos and pictures to your iXpand memory stick.

9. iDiskk USB 3.0 128GB iPhone Lightning Flash Drive (Apple MFI Certified)

iDiskk USB 3.0 128GB iPhone Lightning Flash Drive (Apple MFI Certified)

Showcasing a bold aluminum build, its as straightforward as it looks for the iDiskk USB 3.0 flash drive.


  • 128GB External Storage – simply connect to the lightning flash disk, smoothly transfer videos, pictures, and various files off your iPad/iPhone and onto the memory stick. Also, transfer data from the drive to your different workstations and devices.
  • Automatic Video and Photo Backup – Whenever you connect the memory stick in, utilize the ‘iDiskk Pro’ app to take videos/pictures for electronic storing into the storage device.
  • High-Speed Transfers with USB 3.0 – Apple guaranteed memory stick with quick and stable file transfers, 1GB data needs about 20 seconds.
  • Direct Streaming: Plug and play, enjoy music/movies saved in the drive as you travel. Supports most video/audio formats – (AVI, M4V, MKV, MPG, RM, RMVB, MOV, MP4, TS, WMV, FLV, 3GP; AUDIOS: FLAC, APE, AAC, AIF, WAV, M4A, MP3)
  • 1 Year Warranty & Device Compatibility – iPad (iOS 8.0 or above), iPhone (5 5s 6 6+ 6s 6s+ se 7 7+), Windows 7/8/10 and Mac OS.

10. Gigastone MAX OTG 128GB Flash Drive USB 3.0 (Apple MFI Certified)

Gigastone MAX OTG 128GB Flash Drive USB 3.0 (Apple MFI Certified)

Let the small appearance and plastic design not fool you. The Gigastone PhotoFast Max flash drive is an effective device where storage is concerned.


  • Clear up space from your iPhone/iPad by backing up your videos and files on the MAX flash drive.
  • Backup – Automatic backup of contacts, calendar, and entire camera roll.
  • Move/Copy all your music, pictures, videos, and docs in both sides between the flash drive and your iPad/Mac/PC/iPhone like a standard USB.
  • Social Media Backup – Instagram, Facebook & Flickr Albums can get stored. Full access to your Google Drive, Dropbox & Cloud Drive Accounts.
  • Touch ID protection allows you to protect access to the application — folder and file security as well as an option to lock your flash drive from unauthorized use.

Tips on buying flash drives for iPhone and iPad

Lightning Connector

The lighting connector is one standout feature on all iPhones and iPads, and Apple looks like they’ll stick to it for some time to come. Likewise, most flash drive manufacturers are adding the lightning connector so that you can connect the drive to your iPhone or iPad.

Nonetheless, it is imperative to check the length of the lightning connector of the flash drive, more so if your iPhone has a protective cover. The best iPhone flash drive should have a lightning connector with an extra say 2-4mm so that you can quickly hook it up without having to remove your iPhone’s or iPad’s protective casing.

Apple MFI Certification

Just because it has a lightning connector, doesn’t make it a viable candidate. For a device to work well with Apple devices, it has to pass Apple’s MFI certification. Case in point the MFI certification provided by Apple themselves to manufacturers who make quality flash drives that adhere to their policies and standards. If you use a product that is not certified, then it might not work, or will give an error when connected to the phone. Click here to read more on Apple MFI Certification.

Read and Write speeds

To get the most out of your iPhone and iPad peripherals, you have to make sure that they offer the best read and write speeds. Our recommendation is to go for at least USB 3.0. Here is a table summarizing the various USB speeds.

USB TypeSpeed
USB 1.0Low Speed (1.5 Mbit/s)
USB 1.1Full Speed (12 Mbit/s
USB 2.0High Speed (480 Mbit/s
USB 3.0SuperSpeed (5 Gbit/s)
USB 3.1SuperSpeed+ (10 Gbit/s)

Flash Drive Capacity

Size does matter. When you are choosing a flash drive to back up your iPad or iPhone content it is best you consider the internal memory of your iDevice. Say, for instance, your iPhone has an internal storage capacity of 64 GB, you will need a flash drive of at least the same size or more.

In a nutshell, the best iPad flash drive for you regarding size should have similar storage space or preferably more compared to your iPad or iPhone

Flash Drive App Features

iPhone and iPad flash drives have integrated dedicated apps to improve how you interact with the data stored. These apps pack a great punch of features smart enough to identify various data formats; be it music files, photos you name it.

Before picking a flash drive for your iPad or iPhone, it is essential to check the drive apps it has. A decent app should provide a variety of typical functions, for example, document reading, media format detection and support, backup options, and direct photo capturing and video recording.

Body Build and Material

Flash drives are built with intuitive designs and are lightweight and portable with you can easily hook up to your keychain or slip it in your shirt or back pocket. Plastic and aluminum alloy are standard materials used to build most flash drives.

However, the best iPad flash drive is one made of sturdy plastic or premium aluminum alloy. The reason why you should pick a flash drive made out of those two materials is that they can withstand significant amount of impact and will last a lifetime.

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