The Benefits of Using eBooks


Is digital reading a progress or diversion? Do eBooks provide most benefits than paper books? Perhaps these aren’t the right questions to ask. The real issue, however, it the fact that in the current generation of technology, not even students are interested in reading paper books.

Some research will show you that only less than 5% of students in a school love to read paper books for fun. The rest read on when forced to or simply when it counts for marks. So yes, maybe we are asking the wrong questions.

Basically, an eBook is simply a book that is in electronic format. It is downloaded and read on a screen of the PC or any other reading device. Once downloaded, connection to the internet is not actually needed so as to read your book.

An eBook reader is simply an electronic device for reading the digital eBooks. They include Kindle Paperwhite, the Apple iBook’s application, Sony PRS-350 and the Nook tablet.

What are the benefits of using eBooks?

Instantaneous delivery

EBooks are just delivered almost instantaneously. What is only required of you is an internet connection. Then purchase, download and you are done, start reading. This simply happens within minutes, without an inch movement out of your chair.

Unlike the paper books, you don’t need to visit the bookstore to purchase or wait for several days for them to arrive in the mail.


Most eBooks nowadays are sold with bonuses. This is a different case when it comes to printed books. Getting an eBook just adds value to a purchase.


EBooks ideally require less space to store. Practically you won’t need any physical shelf space for storing them. A large room or library isn’t needed just a little space on your computer or device storage is enough.


They are portable. Imagine carrying a whole library containing hundreds of books in your laptop, on CD or any other reading device. Work made even easier.

Searchable information

You don’t need to turn several pages so as to get the exact information that you need. EBooks are searchable-you can easily search the keywords.


EBooks are never old as the publisher just needs to update the information. You only keep on updating yours as well by re-downloading over and over as the updates are made.


Students can share what they have read with others. Some apps allow highlighting and section and then share via social networks. This is quite easier with eBook readers.


Once information is needed, a variety of eBooks can be accessed easily and the information compared. This is beneficial for scholars doing their research.

Reading convenience

Unlike printed books that you can’t read anywhere, eBooks can be read everywhere, on the train, bus, airplane or even when standing in line.

Resized option

Fonts can be resized in eBooks which makes it easier for individuals with visual disabilities to read easier. In fact, with some additional software, some eBooks can possibly be turned into audiobooks.

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