PC vs. Console Gaming


Ah, it is just the old gaming debate, PC versus console. Which should you choose?

Each has their advantages, and they do have their individual league of fans that swear by either PC or console. However, at the end of it all, it comes down to personal preference as well as your budget or even the kind of game that you will like to play.

This article, however, will give you a detailed comparison of the two gaming platforms so that at the end of the day you are able to correctly decide on the on that suits you best.

The Prices

Over the years PCs have considerably come down in price, but still, they are quite expensive when compared to consoles. Some will go ahead to give you ways of economizing on your PC, like building one yourself. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for, whether you are buying a pre-assembled gaming PC, building one yourself, or going for a gaming console. When making your decision, make sure to compare what you are getting in terms of performance as compared to the price. While PCs may seem different to consoles, the underlying hardware specs are compatible and can be compared side by side.


Let’s just face it, sometimes PC gaming happens to be a completely technical nightmare as compared to console gaming, unless you know what you are doing. As much as computers are getting more user-friendly, PC gaming is more hands on when it comes to solving problems that may arise. Console gaming offers more simplicity at the expense of modifications. If you are looking for a simple gaming environment to game on, then a console is what you are looking for. If you are a hands-on kind of person, then PC gaming is for you.


This is where the consoles go down hands up. It may turn out that this is the biggest advantage PCs have over the consoles. There are a more games available for PCs than for consoles, especially when it comes to multiplayer online games.


With a powerful PC Graphics card, you can play your games with a much better graphics as compared to consoles. The hardware in a PC can by far outperform console parts such as the Xbox One, especially since one can pick exactly what goes into their gaming PC. Therefore, games can play with higher level graphic settings and at smoother frame rates in PCs as compared to a console.


For PC games you can be able to download “mods” or simply “modifications” which add fun third party content to the game. Console players can do this but it is not as easy as it is to do on a gaming PC.


Do you prefer playing your games from the couch? Ideally, most individuals like to play while on the couch or simply with their friends in the same room. Most PCs are not suited for this kind of playing (on the couch) but rather on a gaming chair as the keyboard and the mouse are the most used PC game controllers. However, you can buy the conventional gaming pads or joysticks to enjoy the same gaming perks as those using consoles.

However, when it comes to flexibility with regards to using a variety of gaming controllers, PC gamers are better off since PCs can be configured to use any gaming controller.

Do More than Just Gaming

The truth is that a gaming PC is not just for gaming, but rather a full computer. You can do other things like photo editing, video editing, watch movies, multimedia, do office work, just to mention a few. In the case that it is powerful enough for the video games, then you can work on intensive tasks without a hitch

The bottom line is that for sure the debate will not stop any time soon. The option is always yours to choose based on what suits you best.

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