Man builds iPhone 6s out of spare parts


Building a computer from spare parts has been a norm for a long time, but building a phone, and especially an iPhone 6s, is a first. Most people, even the techie’s would rather buy a new phone or repair a broken one rather than build one from scratch. Unlike computers, phones are much smaller, and their parts are tiny, making it harder to assemble them together without specialized equipment.

The word to note is hard, meaning that it is not impossible. One man proved that building an iPhone using parts is possible, and it only cost him $300.

Scotty Allen, a software engineer who worked with Google search for over two years, is a resourceful man. When he wanted a new iPhone, rather than going to the local Apple store, he decided to challenge himself and build one from scratch. In a quest to explore Huaqiangbei market, a local electronics marketplace in Shenzhen China—where he has been living for a year now; Scotty was able to build a working iPhone 6s. But it was not an easy endeavor; he experienced a lot of shortcomings—his patience, dedication, and help from other specialists helped him succeed with his build.The best part is that he recorded the whole process for all of us to see. Here is the video—we hope you get inspired.

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