Kaspersky giving a free version of their anti-virus


If you own a windows PC, then you already know the importance of having a robust anti-virus program. One name that is well known in the anti-virus space is Kaspersky, and their product is used to protect millions of computers all around the world. In the past, one had to pay for the product, but now, you can get a basic version of the software for free.

Why should you be excited?

Computer viruses and malware have riddled the world of computing, especially for people using the Windows platform. With a good anti-virus software, you can secure your computer from this harmful utilities, usually made with the intent to steal information, and disrupt normal computer services. Kaspersky is appreciated for their frequent updates that keep their virus database up to date, hence being able to mitigate most viruses. In the past, the software came at a high price, mainly because of some advanced features. The free version strips these features, which include VPN and parental control, availing only the basic features. Only the full version that includes these extra features will require payment.

Now you have no excuse to leave your computer unprotected. Download the latest free copy of the basic Kaspersky here.

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