Top 10 iPhone video stabilizers 2019


Smartphone cameras keep getting better by the day, and iPhones lead the pack, given that their cameras are the best. With an iPhone, you can shoot professional, high-quality videos with minimal effort; just point and shoot. However, the biggest downside of using smartphones to shoot videos, including iPhones, is that the videos are often shaky, and annoying to watch. In this post, we will take a look at why an iPhone video stabilizer is the best option for shooting videos on your iPhone.

Video stabilization using software

Most people that use their phones to shoot videos use video editing software to stabilize the footage, a process that is time-consuming and doesn’t always guarantee the best result. This problem is also common when using professional video cameras. To get the best result from software stabilization, a camera with a wide lens should be used; and a powerful computer, with the best graphics cards for the actual stabilization; making it an expensive process to say the least.

Gimbals to the rescue

To solve this common issue, engineers came up with an intuitive system to stabilize cameras; the system is called a gimbal. A gimbal is a mechanical system, which uses electric motors and sensors to keep a camera in a fixed position. Gimbals have come a long way to the level of offering stability to a camera even when the person is dancing.


iPhone video stabilizers

If you use your iPhone to take videos on a regular basis, then you know that stabilization is a priority. Luckily, several companies make them, hence getting iPhone video stabilizer shouldn’t be a problem . Here are ten of the best and affordable gimbals for your smartphone.

Top 10 iPhone video stabilizers

Get an affordable iPhone video stabilizer from the list below. These are the best video stabilizers in the market right now, and will help you get the smoothest video when shooting using your iPhone.

Fotodiox Freeflight Moto 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal


  • It cannot be used for the GoPro HERO 5 . Capture Professional Looking Video Easily. Automatically Calibrated in 10 Seconds After Power On
  • The item vibrates when the batteries on the units are low . Please charge or replace the batteries for continous unsage .
  • 24-Month Manufacturer Warranty
  • Help Eliminate Unwanted Camera Movements and Vibration, Shaky Hands, Footsteps, etc
  • 3-Axis Active Stabilization (Tilt, Roll and Pan); Compatible with Most Smartphones Including iPhone 6 & Galaxy 6

Zhiyun Smooth-Q 3 Axis Handheld Steady Gimbal


  • Zhiyun Smooth Q is designed with the 5th High-Precision Stablilizing Algorithm System. 30%-40% Faster Response Rate Compared with Smooth II, More Accurate and Quicker Response.
  • Easier to use without Counterweight. There is an Extendable Axis to balance the Gimbal by One Step. Freely Switch your phone between Standard and Vertical Shooting.
  • Smooth Q has Buttons to Photo/Record, Zoom In/Out and Get Rear Camera/Selfie Mode Transferred. Updated APP-ZY PLAY APP supports Auto-Tracking, Time-Lapse and Filter Options.
  • 8 hours Working Duration, Supports Real-Time Mobile Charging, Portable Power Solution for Your Phone. Controllable Range: Pan: 360°; Roll: ±30°;Tilt: +185° -135°.
  • 50g Lighter Gimbal Body than DJI OSMO Mobile, yet with a Maximum Payload of 220g, Smooth Q supports you to attach diversity lens with different focal length, kinds of fill light and many other photography accessories.

Vimble S Gimbal


  • VERSATILE VICAM APP: Connected via Bluetooth, your Vimble S can quickly link up with your iOS or Android phone to enable Time-lapse, Face-tracking, 180° panorama and a variety of smart functions
  • QUICK SETUP: Slip in Slip in your phone, get the Vimble S started and begin to record in a second. The Vimble S is adaptable to iPhones, Huawei, Samsung, HTC phones
  • SUPERIOR STABILIZATION: Vimble S's 3-axis stabilization system fully integrates itself with the smartphone to cancel out movement in 3 directions, keeping the smartphone still even when your hands shake
  • INTEGRATED CONTROL PANEL: The intelligent control panel of Vimble S requires only one hand to efficiently operate the gimbal and change the camera's settings
  • FLEXIBLE ORIENTATION: Vimble S allows you to easily maneuver your phone in a standard, portrait, underslung or flash light orientation

EVO SHIFT 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal


  • The EVO SHIFT 3 Axis Gimbal for iPhone & Androids (regular & plus size) smartphones transforms your smartphone into a pro-quality video camera, making every moment you shoot look smooth and professional.
  • Record & Zoom Controls on Handle: When paired with your smartphone, the EVO Shift allows full control of your cameras record and zoom functions right from the handle. Fine tune your cameras shooting angle on the fly using the touch sensitive 4-way joystick.
  • Advance Stabilization Modes: Featuring 3 easy to use stabilization modes, the EVO Shift gives you the ultimate freedom of motion. Replicate the same dolly moves and crane shots seen in multi-million dollar productions.
  • Perfect Panoramas, Object Tracking & Time-Lapse: The SHIFT's intelligent control features allow you to take perfect 180° & 330° panoramas, automatically track objects using the Smart-Track feature and even capture amazing point to point motion time-lapses.
  • Up To 10 Hours of Run-Time with Built in charger and battery. The EVO SHIFT also has a Built-In Smartphone Charging Port on the bottom of the handle allowing you to give your smartphone a convient & fast 1A charge. EVO SHIFT Includes: EVO SHIFT Stabilizer, Micro USB Cable, Travel Case, User Manual + 1 Year USA Parts & Labor Warranty

LanParte HHG-01 3-Axis Motorized Handheld Gimbal


  • Two smartphone clamps AND GoPro clamp INCLUDED
  • 3 Axis Active Stabilization (Tilt, Roll and Pan); brushless motors
  • Comfortable silica gel handle grip; removable lithium-ion battery and charger
  • Ballistic nylon carrying case included
  • Includes TWO counterweights (1 x small and 1 x large counterweight) for counterbalancing heavier phones and lenses



  • ✔ MOZA 3-Axis Handheld & Wearable Gimbal Designed to support All smartphones Within 6-inch Screen,Such as iPhone 7/7Plus/6s/6s Plus/5s,SAMSUNG S6/S5 Note 4 and More
  • ✔ The Mini-C is a portable, handheld, and wearable gimbal has the very common 1/4 inch tripod mount at the bottom, it provides flexible mounting options with all the existing inch 1/4 mounting systems.Compatible with a tripod, slider, crane and on-vehicle stand.
  • ✔ Intelligent Battery with 8 Battery Life.Multiple Operation Modes. Flexible at All Angles:Three handheld ways, different follow modes, and selfie can freely adapt to different camera angles and various shooting scenes.
  • ✔ Package Included:MOZA Mini-C Gimbal x 1,18650 Lithium Battery x 1,18650 Battery Charger x 1,Micro-USB Cable x 1,User Manual x 1
  • ✔ We use UPS,DHL express service,After we deliver goods,Usually the shipping time is 7-15 days.

Ikan FLY-X3-PLUS-KIT 3-Axis Gimbal


  • Simple to set up & operate
  • Creates smooth, stable handheld shots
  • 3-Axis Active stabilization
  • Gesture control system
  • Accepts large & small size smartphones (iPhone 6 plus, Samsung Galaxy series, etc.)



  • Dramatic Long Exposure, Bring Out Your Beauty
  • Live Streaming, Detailed Panoramas
  • Full Camera Control, Customizable Joystick, Bluetooth Connectivity

AIBIRD UOPLAY 2S 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer


  • This gimbal is made from a new alloy of 7000 Series aluminum - the same grade used in the aerospace industry and iphone 6s,light weight and strong. Breakthrough ergonomic design,never feel tied for a long time using.
  • Compatible with Smartphone up to 6 inches (iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7,iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung S5,S6,S7, HTC ect.) GoPro Hero 3 /3+ /4 /5,Yi 4k and Sports Action Camera of similar size as GoPro Hero.
  • Mute 3-Axis brushless mute motors(Yaw:360°Roll:310°Pitch:310°) with programming and gyroscope technology turn your iphone or other smartphone camera into a smart motion camcorder, making every moment you shoot look smooth,stable and professional.
  • High energy efficiency and high capacity 2 pcs of 2600mAh 18650 batteries give the Uoplay gimbal stabilizer a maximum run time of 10 hours.The gimbal has a Phone charging port,it can charge your Phone anytime.
  • Silent Joystick with 4 directional key to adjust gimbal angles by yourselves;With 1/4 screw threaded interface at the gimbal bottom to be attached any standard extention rod ,tripod or other accessories

KumbaCam 3 Axis Gimbal


  • 3-axis motorized stabilization provides for smooth, professional video using a smartphone.
  • Suitable for all smartphones up to 7" on the diagonal.
  • New 3rd generation model with performance and reliability of previous models plus upgrades and new features.
  • 3 shooting modes: pan follow mode, lock mode, pan/tilt follow mode, and new portrait shoot capability.
  • New joystick provides improved one hand control of mode changes and manual pan and tilt.

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